A Glance At Who We Are

God’s People Ministering in Love through…

Evangelism: Realizing that man’s sins separate all of us from God, we seek to call people to repentance and a new style of living that includes the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We offer hope not only in an eternal reward through Christ, but also strength for daily living through His leadership.

Discipleship: Becoming the persons we were created to be requires a connection to God’s Word that enables each believer to learn and grow. We lovingly offer opportunities to grow in a variety of individual and group settings, which challenge and reward the participants.

Ministry: We seek to follow the example of Jesus, finding opportunities to take His love of the poor, neglected, hurt, and searching people outside of the walls of our physical space. We value the unique gifts that each person has been given by God to serve his/her fellow human beings.

Fellowship: We love each other’s company as a family and desire that our family would continue to grow. We understand that family is more than a warm and cozy feeling, but involves the willingness to give openly and honestly of ourselves, in all the experiences of life.

Worship: Worship is imperative for a Christian. We worship God because He is worthy of praise and the Bible commands it. Worship involves: Praise – exalting the name of the Lord; Adoration – words of love to God; Thanksgiving – expressing our gratitude to God; Submission – desiring God’s will above our own; Petition – presenting our needs and concerns to God; Listening – allowing God to speak to us; Commitment – giving our hearts and lives to God. In our worship we sing, pray, give testimonies and offerings, fellowship with God and listen to the preaching of God’s word.


Sunday School
The Bible is our inspired guidebook for all of life. The purpose of our Sunday School is to call people into a study of scriptures that will share a new plan of living with the unbeliever and strengthen the faith of the confirmed Christian. In support of that effort people are encouraged to actively engage in ministry projects, pray for each other, have fun together, and support the worship ministry of our church.

Kingdom Builders
The church is the collective body of believers, not only at West Hampton, but throughout our shared communities. As such, we are seeking through this ministry to equip the believers to be involved in God’s Kingdom work, wherever they may find themselves; at home, school, work, or anywhere in our common world. Participants are trained in practical and spiritual skills that better enable them to be all that God created them to be.

Mission Groups
Women’s Missionary Union  (WMU) seeks to equip adults, youth, children, and preschoolers with mission education to become radically involved in the mission of God. Our five principles are:
Pray for and give to missions
Do missions
Learn about missions
Develop spiritually toward a mission lifestyle
Participate in mission work
These purposes are accomplished by leading the entire church in missions involvement, and by providing gender-specific and coed organizations from preschoolers through adults.

Youth Ministry
We are here to minister to the students of our community and help them experience an exciting life with Christ. We know that those years spent in Middle & High school may be very awkward, but are the most essential in the growth and development into becoming adults. We seek to equip each one with the Biblical knowledge and social skills to minister to a hurting and hungry world. This allows them the opportunity for hands-on missions, to serve the surrounding community just as Christ commanded, and to have fun!

Music Ministry
The primary purpose of the Music Ministry is to prepare groups and individuals to lead in worship. We provide ministry opportunities for:
Preschool Choirs, ages 2-5
Children’s Choir, grades 1-5
Youth/Girls Ensemble, grades 6-12
Praise Band & Singers
Adult Choir
Senior Adult Choir
Men’s & Women’s ensembles

Children’s Activities
Students in grades 1-5 are learning, searching, and discovering God’s Word in His world every Sunday morning at 9:45am. We have experienced and committed teachers that love and nurture our children, as God would have us to do. Each child is taught about Jesus and His love for us. Every child needs to be taught to believe at an early age that Jesus is their Savior, and only through Him will we have everlasting life.
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

Preschool/Nursery Activities
The objective of our Preschool ministry is to help each child:
Associate God, Jesus, Church, and the Bible with happy feelings
Know that the Bible is a very special book that tells about God and Jesus
Think of this church as my church-a happy place where people love me
Develop a positive feeling of self-worth
Make progress in problem solving, sharing and expressing oneself
Begin to show love, respect, and acceptance for others
There are planned Bible learning opportunities for preschoolers. They are grouped by age for this learning time with experienced teachers.

Deaf Congregation
Ministering to the needs of the deaf community through worship, Bible study and fellowship together. All activities are conducted in American Sign Language.

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