Deaf Ministry Leaders


Deacons(Currently Serving)
Tim Griffith
Ben Harucki

Choir Director: Luis Catala
Outreach Director: Jeannie Griffith
Ushers: Herman Sydnor
Sunday School Teachers
Dorothy West (Adult)
Ben Harucki (Adult)

Sunday School Secretary: Herman Sydnor

Worship Interpreters
Gina Harucki

Audio/Visual Technicians
Luis Catala
Robert Frasier
Merle Philipps

Sign Class Instructors
Gina Harucki
Ben Harucki
Esther Hill
Luis Catala

One thought on “Deaf Ministry Leaders

  1. Mari Lewis

    I’d like to learn American Sign Language
    I know some ASL but I want to learn more well
    I’m deaf n I’m Japanese
    When n what time start ASL class? Thanks


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