Middle and High School

Sunday Morning
Bible Study at 9:45am
Bible Study is a very important part of our church.  It’s a time where we gather to study and make application of God’s Word. Our desire is that students develop authentic relationships with God and each other.  It would be great if you were able to visit us soon!  In fact, it’s our desire that you come and get plugged in with one of our classes so that you may know Jesus Christ, grow in Him, and develop genuine relationships with other Christian students.


Sunday school leaders are under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Wall minister of youth.

Our leaders are:

Tamara and Wally Atkins-Youth Coordinators

Nancy and Rahn Burleson-Middle school teachers

Michelle Hamor-High school teacher

Wednesday evening
Youth “Elevate” Worship at 6pm
Youth Missions at 6:45-7:45pm

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