Why Join A Church

Join a church to experience the fullness of life. Church is a place to experience all that life has to offer—celebration of births, the journey from childhood to adulthood, marriage, service, commitment, celebration of holidays, and much more. Of course, church is also a place for healing and wholeness. Communities of faith gather around each other to carry each other through the loss of loved ones, divorce, addiction, grief, etc.

If your life seems to lack the depth you are looking for or maybe you want to find a group of friends to share life with, church is a place to experience the fullness of life God has to offer us. We experience this through serving God by caring for the vulnerable among us. We experience the fullness of life each week worshiping God together, reading the bible together, and sharing meals around the same table.

There are many great churches to choose from on the Peninsula. Our hope is that you find a supportive community of faith to call home. We hope West Hampton can be that place for you.

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